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About i invest

1. I invest is not a platform for the public but for friends and family of Justin
Autos Nig. Ltd.
2. Investments are in form of money, which are used to purchase vehicles for
the sake of reselling to make profit.
3. Vehicle purchased remain the property of the company (Justin Autos Nig.
Ltd.) and not the investor as investors leverage on only monetary investment
and the profit made from the vehicle.

4. BASIC INVESTMENT: An investor invests from ₦50,000 – ₦3,000,000
and after 6 months the investor gets 10% of his investments, investments are
locked and cannot be withdrawn until after 6 months of investment
completion. After withdrawal is initiated from the app company pays the
investor within 5 working days.
5. PREMIUM INVESTMENT: Investments are from ₦3,000,000Naira and
above, here the company partners with the investor on purchase and sale of
the vehicle, and after sale, the company split profits with the investor.
Profit sharing formula is 50%/50% (50% investor and 50% Justin Autos
Nig. Ltd.).
If an investor is merged with another investor or more investors to achieve
the purchase of a said vehicle, after sale and profit sharing has occurred, the
50% investor dividend will be shared among investors according to
individual investments on the said vehicle.
Duration of investment is solely dependent on the duration of sale of the
vehicle invested on,
If for any reason the investor is interested in the purchased vehicle for
personal use, there is room for negotiations but the company has the final
decisions on the said vehicle.
Aside cost of the vehicle which will be clearly stated for the investor’s
knowledge, other costs (car maintenance, Fueling, car wash, security, car
space, investment insurance) may include to generate the total cost price of
the said vehicle.
6. Investors will not be able to request for investment once investment is paid
into company account, until vehicle has been sold or 6 months duration for
basic investors only.
7. The company has the right to return an investment and terminate the
investor’s privilege to i – invest without a dividend if the company at any
point is not satisfied with the behavior or relationship of an investor.
If these are clearly understood and agreed, you can go ahead to tick accept to the
terms and conditions and register for i invest.